About Air Tunilik

Simon Contant, a bush pilot ... a real one.

Now president and operations manager of Air Tunilik, one of the fastest growing airlines in the country, Simon Contant was destined to become a major player in aviation in Quebec.

From the age of 4, Simon was having fun making planes waltz in the air on the knees of his father Clément, one of responsible for the development of Quebec’s Far North. Clément Contant, who himself led the operations of a group of over 20 bush planes, gave his son a passion for flight and the great outdoors.

Simon “officially” started his apprenticeship at the age of 15 by enrolling in the ALM flight school, at the old Mascouche airport. At 16, he obtained his private pilot’s license.

From a young age, Simon has been passionate about everything that is transport. At 18, he became a commercial pilot and also obtained a class 1 license for driving heavy vehicles. Simon then began his career by joining the family business, Le Groupe Contant, founded by his father and uncles.

After experiencing the ups and downs of a career as a pilot and as a businessman, Simon completed the purchase of Air Tunilik in July 2014 and his career took off.

  • July 2014: Trip to Kuujjuaq to purchase a Beaver C-FLLX
  • Fall 2014: an Otter joins the operations
  • 2017: purchase of a second Beaver
  • 2019: the industry is in bad shape and Air Tunilik is considering closing its doors
  • February 2020: with a second wind, Air Tunilik purchases an Otter turbine from Air Saguenay
  • March 2020: purchase of Air Saguenay assets and their hydrobases.


By pursuing his father’s passion, Simon is now also carving out a place of choice among the builders of the Far North.


Founded in 2002, Air Tunilik is proud to have become the largest bush aviation company in Quebec. Our fleet of seaplanes, our vast network of hydrobases and our expertise in the field make us an informed choice for your air transport needs.

We are experts in the charter of seaplanes and ski planes to provide you with specialized transport solutions throughout Quebec. No matter where, it will be our pleasure to help you with the logistics of your projects.

In addition to being able to charter our aircraft wherever you want, our network covers a large portion of the province’s territory. Our facilities in Sept-iles, Havre St-Pierre, Natashquan, Manic-5, Caniapiscau and the Mirage outfitter near LG-4 are open from the moment the ice melts until the end of fall.

With safety at the center of our concerns, we proactively maintain our Beaver DHC-2 and Turbo Otter DHC-3T aircrafts with the greatest possible care. In addition, our seasoned pilots attend extensive annual training programs to ensure your peace of mind aboard our seaplanes.

Our mission

Our ‘’raison d’être’’ is passion, passion for the world of aviation. We want to discover and allow people to discover the vast territories in the Far North of Quebec by air.


Air Tunilik works to serve adventure enthusiasts, but also those like us who believe in the many possibilities that these vast lands can offer. We wish to continually contribute to the economic development of Northern Quebec by partnering with outfitters, associations and other aviation enthusiasts.

Our values



For us, respecting customers means ensuring their safety and providing them with a range of professional services focused on their total satisfaction.


Integrity represents our commitment to respecting the regulations in force, to continuously improving our services and human capital and to listening to the needs of our customers and staff.


Without genuine commitment, a business cannot truly exceed expectations; It is through motivation and the sharing of goals that a team overcomes pitfalls and sets itself apart.

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