Seaplane transportation services & support for the mining industry

Air Tunilik works in close collaboration with mining companies in northern Quebec. We organize charter seaplane flights to assist the mining industry in the transport of cargo or people.

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The mining industry serves as a powerful economic engine for Quebec. Air Tunilik’s objective is to assist the growth of this sector by offering a reliable, efficient and safe transportation service to all players in the mining industry for the exploitation of gold, nickel, lithium, rare earths, iron, etc.


Work with the mining industry consists primarily of transporting cargo, such as barrels of fuel, food, and parts of machinery. In addition, following a tightening of environmental practices on the restoration of mining sites (Mining Act, CQLR c M-13.1), several companies are beginning to show an interest in dismantling obsolete camps.

Our services

Cargo transport

Air Tunilik offers charter flight services to facilitate the transportation of necessary equipment (fuel, food, propane tanks, machinery, etc.) to the camps of mining companies in Quebec. We can carry loads of up to 3000 lbs.

Passenger transport

Our team has a fleet of seaplanes of varying sizes to transport mining industry personnel to designated locations. We carry out personalized contracts according to the number of flight hours necessary to better meet your needs.

Flexible flights and competitive prices

We have several seaplane bases across Quebec (Natashquan, Havre St-Pierre, Manic 5, Caniapiscau and Sept-Îles) in order to optimize flight time. Our prices vary according to the number of statute miles (SM). We also offer a preferential rate for mining companies with a certain annual purchase volume.

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