Air Tunilik

Seaplane transport service in Quebec

Look at the world in a whole new perspective!

Fly over the beautiful province with Air Tunilik

Air Tunilik is a Quebec company specializing in air transport with over 18 years of experience under its wing.


We offer air charter solutions, scenic flights, fishing and hunting trips and much more.

With our fleet of more than ten planes, we have everything you need to meet your needs and help you discover the Far North of Quebec at competitive prices.

Fishing and hunting trips

Air Tunilik allows you to access unique natural spaces that are only accessible by seaplane. Live the ultimate hunting or fishing experience!

Our services

We offer a diverse range of personalized services to meet the needs of our customers and share our passion for aviation.

Fire support

Our team has the necessary equipment and expertise to provide support for forest fires.

Scenic seaplane flights

Enjoy a breathtaking experience. Our seaplane flights will allow you to contemplate the unique landscapes of Quebec.

Canoe trips

We collaborate with companies specializing in the organization of Canoe trips for groups through the uninhabited forests of Quebec. Enjoy a unique adventure with your friends and family!

Transport and support for the mining industry

We organize charter seaplane flights to assist mining companies in northern Quebec with the transport of cargo or people.

Our fleet of seaplanes

Air Tunilik has a fleet of three different types of aircraft that can be used for commercial purposes or to transport you to the destination of your choice from any location whether it be inside or outside of Quebec.

(De Havilland Canada, DHC-2)

This reliable aircraft was developed after World War II to adapt to the harsh conditions of the Far North. We can put it on fleets, wheels, or even skis.

Cessna Caravan C208

The Cessna Caravan C208 is a versatile single-engine aircraft, known for its robustness and reliability. Designed by Cessna, a world leader in general aviation, the Caravan is often used for passenger transport, cargo flights, as well as for humanitarian missions and relief operations in remote areas. Its structure is suited for landing on short and unprepared runways, offering great flexibility in use.

Otter Turbine
(De Havilland Canada,
DHC-3 T)

The Turbine Otter is one of the most versatile aircraft on the market and is in high demand with bush carriers for contracts in the North. This seaplane is recognized for its reliability, its cruising speed and its great flexibility of operation. Its lower empty weight combined with the power of its turbine gives it unparalleled flight performance.