Adventure canoe trips by seaplane

Air Tunilik specializes in air transport and works with companies such as ABV Kayak which organize canoe trips. Through our collaboration, we make group canoe trips possible in uninhabited or little-known regions of Quebec so that you can enjoy an adventure far from civilization!

Discover territories only accessible by seaplane

Our goal is to make you discover the most remote regions of Canada such as the North Shore of Quebec or Nunavik in order to allow you to explore the flora and fauna of our beautiful province far from urban centers.


Air tunilik allows you to live an extraordinary experience and hurtle down hundreds of kilometers on the most beautiful rivers and lakes in the country. This will give you the unique opportunity to observe bears, moose, beavers and other species of Quebec in their natural environment.

Our services

Passenger transport

Air Tunilik aircraft can carry up to 9 passengers at a time. Transportation can be done from one of our 7 bases in the province of Quebec, in Sept-Îles, Havre St-Pierre, Natashquan, Manic 5, the Mirage outfitter, Caniapiscau or Wabush. The price of the flight is set according to the number of land miles.


Departures and returns are possible at a specific location of your choice (additional charges apply). Air Tunilik adapts to your needs in order to offer you a tailor-made service. Contact us for more information

Canoe transport

We carry out canoe or rowboat transport with an external load (we attach the boat to the outside of the seaplane on the float). This allows more space inside for your gear and gives you an excellent view of the landscape.


Depending on the size, we can transport 1 or 2 canoes per flight. There is an additional charge for external load transport. The fee is $ 300 + TX for a flight less than 100 statute miles and $ 1 per excess mile.

Turnkey package

Our partners can set you up with a local guide, equipment rental and help you set-up your basecamp. They also offer turnkey packages that include seaplane transportation costs to simplify the planning of your canoe trip or expedition.

Want to organize a custom expedition?