Fishing and hunting trips by seaplane

Feel like living a unique experience? Go on a seaplane adventure to hunt or fish in one of Quebec’s 600 outfitters. Air Tunilik supports the economy of the remote regions of the province in order to give you a chance to explore exceptional territories where wildlife abounds.

Outfitters only accessible by seaplane

If, like the vast majority of Quebecers, you have never visited the North Shore, the Otish Mountains Park or even the remoter regions of Nunavik, you can now explore these territories and go on memorable fishing or hunting trips.


Air Tunilik works hand in hand with outfitters in Quebec to promote local tourism, transport the necessary equipment and orchestrate arrivals and departures by seaplane throughout the season. Our service is available from the melting of the ice in June until October / November.

The ultimate adventure for fishing and hunting enthusiasts

Quebec is a true fishing and hunting paradise with its 500,000 lakes, 4,500 rivers and its forest-rich territory that covers more than 50% of the province’s surface. With Air Tunilik’s seaplane service, you can access outfitters that are not accessible by road and explore these vast unspoiled spaces where flora and fauna dominate.


Depending on the outfitter you choose, you can fish different species such as the northern pike, walleye, speckled trout and Atlantic salmon or even go moose hunting. A change of scenery awaits you!

Salmon fishing

Trout fishing

Moose hunting

Our seaplanes

Our seaplanes can carry external loads, so we are able to attach canoes or rowboats to the fleet. The price of the flight varies according to the number of statute miles (MI). We offer a preferential rate for outfitters with a certain annual purchase volume. Contact us for more information.

(De Havilland Canada, DHC-2)

This device has a loading capacity of up to 1200 lbs (cargo + pax) which may vary depending on the distance. It can easily accommodate 7 passengers or 4 passengers + cargo. The DHC-2 reaches a speed of 105 miles per hour.

Otter Turbine
(De Havilland Canada, DHC-3 T)

The DHC-3T Turbo Otter has a load capacity of up to 2800 lbs (cargo + pax) which may vary depending on the distance. It can accommodate a maximum of 9 passengers or 6 passengers + cargo. It reaches a speed of 130 miles per hour.

Logistics is our strong point!

Air Tunilik works with dozens of outfitters across Quebec to simplify the logistics of transporting their customers. Our services are available to outfitters and private clients to transport passengers or materials. Our team can pick you up by seaplane at a specific location if necessary in order to better meet your needs.

Our partners

Air Tunilik is proud to work with many outfitters in Quebec:

Want to facilitate air transport to your outfitter?