Cessna Caravan C-208

The Cessna Caravan is a modern passenger/cargo aircraft operating on wheels and floats. Safe and reliable, it competes with much larger aircraft on a cost per pound/passenger basis. It has a full capacity of seven passengers and 800 pounds of baggage and cargo. The Cessna caravan is equipped with a large cargo door commuter seat and a very reliable turbine engine. It operates on wheels during the winter months and on floats in the summer. It is the only seaplane in the north that can carry external loads up to 1982 km before refueling. Whether you’re planning a canoe trip, a fishing trip or a cargo transport, this is the aircraft for you!

Available Configurations

9 Passengers - Cabin


Up to 9 passengers
400 lbs of luggage

*The configuration can be modified according to the number of passengers



Up to 2200 lbs available

Large 50”x50” cargo door

Mixed - Passengers with Cargo


4 passengers

700 lbs in the tail

Performance and Features

Cruising speed:

Maximum altitude:


Short runway operation in: 

266 km/h

3962 m (13,000 ft)

1982 km

gravel, water


Cabin height:

Cabin width:

Cabin length:

Cabin door height:

Cargo door width:

54 in (1.37 m)

64 in (1.63 m)

3.66 m (144 in.)

1.27 m (50 in.)

1.27 m (50 in.)

Non Standard Loading Item

VTT • Snowmobile • 6x6x16 (check quantity) • 205L Drum • Drill Rod • Etc…