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Seaplane Tours Québec

Air Tunilik is a company that offers outdoor activities in Québec with an unusual transportation: seaplane! Dare to offer yourself an unforgettable outing with Air Tunilik! We look forward to showing you the wonders of the Montreal area from the clouds.

Enjoy the best seaplane services in Québec

Air Tunilik is a Quebec-based company specialized in air transportation with over 18 years of experience under its wing. Our pilots are eager to share their passion for seaplanes with you, and our friendly and smiling team will be happy to elaborate with our clients on any questions and comments about seaplanes and their operation. You’ll feel safe and comfortable from the start of the adventure, and might even learn a thing or two!

Fly over Montreal, the largest city in the province of Quebec!

Do you like new experiences and to see beautiful things from a different angle? With Air Tunilik’s seaplane tours, you will be able to experience new thrills, have an exceptional adventure and see Montreal from the clouds. The memories and experiences you will get with this seaplane service are unique and unforgettable: perfect for passengers of all ages!

Our activities are very popular with groups of friends, immediate and extended families. The beauty of our Montreal seaplane tours is that they are fun for the little ones as well as the older passengers: there is something for everyone!

Air Tunilik’s services can also be useful if you choose a travel destination that is not accessible by car or simply too far to drive. It will be a great pleasure to serve you and take you from point A to point B.

Tourist attraction in Québec to see by seaplane

If you’re wondering what to do during your stay in Montreal, we have just the thing! There are few things that can cause thrills and create memories like the breathtaking activities offered by Air Tunilik. We fly over the most popular attractions in Montreal and show you the city and surrounding area in a new light!

Learn more about Air Tunilik and our seaplane tours

Our seaplane fleet

Air Tunilik has a fleet of three different types of aircraft that can be used for commercial purposes or to transport you to the destination that suits you best, from any location inside or outside Quebec.
DHC-2 Beaver



This robust and reliable seaplane was developed after the Second World War to adapt to the difficult conditions of the Great North. We have the possibility to put it on fleets, on wheels, or on skis.



As rugged and reliable as the DHC-2, the Otter is the larger version of the Beaver. This aircraft is ideal for bush haulers as well as for customers who want to travel safely in a cabin with plenty of space. We have the ability to put it on fleets, on wheels and on skis.



The turbine Otter is one of the most versatile aircraft on the market and is in great demand by bush transporters for contracts in the North. It is known for its reliability, its cruising speed and for its great flexibility of operation. Its lower empty weight combined with the power of its turbine gives it unequalled flight performance.

The unique services offered by Air Tunilik in the province of Quebec

We offer air charter solutions, scenic flights, fishing and hunting trips and much more!

Other activities with seaplane rides focused on the outdoors!

Our pilots are available to provide services for any hobby, pastime, or fun attraction! Here is a list of recurring activities that our clients choose.

Canoeing adventure by seaplane

We work in collaboration with companies specialized in organizing canoe trips for groups through the uninhabited forests of Quebec. Enjoy a unique adventure with your friends and family!

Fishing and hunting trip by seaplane

Air Tunilik allows you to access unique natural areas that are only accessible by seaplane. Experience the ultimate hunting and fishing trip!

Scenic seaplane flights

Enjoy a breathtaking experience. The seaplane flight will allow you to contemplate the unique landscapes of Quebec.

Services and support to meet the needs of Quebec citizens

Although we offer flights to clients for vacation and leisure destinations, we also offer our services for more serious causes. We are committed to help the Quebec population when they are in need. Here are the services and support that we offer to the citizens of Quebec.

Seaplane fire support

Our team has the equipment and expertise to support and fight forest fires.

Transportation service and support to the mining industry by seaplane

We organize chartered seaplane flights to assist mining companies in northern Quebec, by transporting cargo or people.