Top 10 outfitters in Quebec

For all nature lovers, Quebec outfitters allow you to visit unique destinations, enjoy wide open spaces and participate in various activities. Here is a list of the 10 best outfitters to visit in Quebec.

Mabille Outfitter

The Mabille Outfitter is located on the Labrador border, approximately 200 km north of Havre-Saint-Pierre. The territory presents varied and huge stretches of water for the pleasure of novices and experienced anglers alike. There are areas reserved for fly fishing, but also lakes and rivers for those who prefer light casting or trolling. 

The trail is more than 50 km long and is considered one of the most attractive in the region. You can also take advantage of the 1800 feet of altitude to contemplate the stars and the Northern Lights. Packages include air transportation from Havre-St Pierre.

Lac Holt outfitter

The Lac holt Outfitter is located 90 km north of Havre-Saint-Pierre on the North Shore of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and covers an area of over 70 km² of breathtaking scenery. It is accessible only by plane, allowing you to enjoy a 40-minute trip over the magnificent territories of the North Shore to find yourself in a splendid space that guarantees comfort and personalized service.

You will find the Watshishou River, which is also called “The land of freshwater salmon” where the lakes are connected by magnificent waterfalls where trout and salmon gather. The Lac hot Outfitter distinguishes itself due to its ecological fishing philosophy and is committed to limiting the number of fishermen in order to participate in the preservation of nature while guaranteeing visitors a privileged and unique treatment.

Mirage outfitter

Located more than 350 km from the Transtaiga road, it is the perfect place for hunting, fishing, hiking or snowmobiling enthusiasts. Unexplored spaces, stretches of water and a sky at your fingertips allow you to contemplate a thousand stars and admire the Northern Lights.

Mirage Aventure is an exceptional experience to be discovered in the Eeyou Istchee Baie-James region that guarantees an escape in symbiosis with nature. An approved landing strip as well as a seaplane base and heliport are also available for the pleasure of aviation enthusiasts.

Mirage aventure is a dream destination that offers various packages and awakens the spirit of adventure by offering a wide range of activities:

  • Winter hunting
  • Autumn hunting
  • Fishing
  • Snowmobile

Musquaro outfitter

The Musquaro Outfitter offers a unique experience thanks to its quality service, diverse activities and rich natural territory. Located in northern Quebec, the Musquaro Lake Club is accessible only by seaplane and has approximately 500 km of shoreline.

There are three camps that can accommodate a total of 12 people for an intimate and comfortable stay. Known as “the paradise of the famous landlocked salmon”, the lake guarantees an abundance of fishing catches. You will find landlocked salmon, arctic char and speckled trout and you will have the choice between regular and fly fishing.

The Musquanousse outfitter

It is a wooden inn that can accommodate eight people in an extraordinary atmosphere, accessible by seaplane in 20 minutes from a base located in Natashquan. The rooms are well equipped and exquisite gourmet meals are served daily.

The river stretches over 28 km where fly fishing is permitted to take advantage of the abundance of Atlantic salmon, sea trout, speckled trout as well as landlocked salmon and Arctic char.

Manicouagan outfitter

The Manicouagan outfitter includes 6 cottages and 5 camps to enjoy a unique hunting ground, but also abundant fishing with the presence of several species such as Northern pike, lake trout, landlocked salmon and speckled trout. 

The camps are spread over a large area and offer breathtaking landscapes. The river stretches over a distance of 300 miles starting from the highlands of New Quebec to Ungava Bay offering fishermen a wide variety of catches. 

Hunting enthusiasts will also find their pleasure there and will have the choice between bow hunting, firearm hunting or black powder rifle hunting. Access to the camps is exclusively by seaplane from the Air Tunilik base located on Lake Louise at Manic 5.

Club Chambeaux

Club Chambeaux distinguishes itself by its extremely competent staff and its succulent food that bewitches all visitors. The fishing camps are located on the banks of the Caniapiscau River, about 100 air miles northwest of the town of Wabush. Access is only possible by floatplane and is provided by Air Tunilik. 

Between July and September, the quality of fishing is exceptional and guarantees the variety and fighting spirit of the catches. This is the ideal time to develop your light casting and fly fishing techniques and to return home with real trophies, but also to enjoy breathtaking scenery.

Escapade outfitter

The Escapade outfitter is accessible by road during the summer, by snowmobile in the winter and by wheeled airplane year-round. Transport by seaplane is also an option!

There are various cottages and camps where you can stay and the space offers a vast fishing and hunting territory with the presence of several species such as the moose, black bear, ruffed grouse or the snowshoe hare and spruce grouse. The Gouin Reservoir which is located in the heart of the Canadian boreal forest offers some of the most prolific fishing opportunities in Quebec.

Wedge Hills lodge

Located in the subarctic region of northern Quebec, the Wedge Hills lodge is located on the top of a hill overlooking the George River where you can find Atlantic salmon and speckled trout. An escape from city life where you can enjoy extraordinary scenery and an adventure among rare wildlife.

This lodge is accessible only by air and offers a choice of activities to suit everyone’s tastes through customized vacation packages. You have the opportunity to participate in guided tours to discover the Golden Peninsula in the Great North of Quebec and Labrador through a trip aboard a private seaplane to visit must-see landscapes and enjoy the explanations of experienced guides. 

Leaf River Lodge

The Leaf River Lodge is located near one of the most beautiful rivers in northern Quebec that flows from Hudson Bay to Ungava Bay. The Leaf River has its source in Lake Minto which offers fishermen a variety of aggressive, combative and colourful fish.

Fishing enthusiasts are sure to enjoy the presence of Atlantic salmon especially in late July and early August and the abundance of speckled trout. The Leaf River is full of surprises and guarantees thrills with the presence of black bear, partridge, musk ox or even caribou and wolf. This river is located about a 4 hour flight from Montreal and is easily accessible by air. 

Air Tunilik has a vast network of seaplane bases to meet all your air transportation needs. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or wish to organize a flight. 

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