5 Best Nature Getaways by Seaplane in Quebec

Best nature getaways by seaplane in Quebec

Quebec is one of the best places in the world for nature lovers. From the mountain tops to the dense tree tops of the forests and the stunning lakes, there are endless corners of this beautiful province to explore. It’s easy to understand why Quebec nature tourism has skyrocketed at an exponential rate over the past few years.


Since Quebec has so many different landscapes, some of the most breathtaking places cannot be reached by road. Although a simple hike or trip in the car can get you to some stunning places, there are unexplored places that are harder to get to and that will take your breath away. 


Thankfully, there are alternate transportation options that can take you to the most beautiful places in Quebec. If you want the full experience, seaplanes will give you a taste of adventure whilst allowing you to explore the wide open spaces of Quebec’s natural landscapes.


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What are Quebec’s best nature getaways by seaplane?

Manicouagan Reservoir

If you are looking for the ultimate hunting or fishing getaway, it doesn’t get much better than the Manicouagan Reservoir. The reservoir itself is the biggest in the world at 20,002 kilometres and 73 metres deep so there is a huge area to cover. 


In addition to the fish available on the reservoir itself, in the surrounding areas, there is an abundance of animals which are available to hunt. The Manicouagan outfitter has 6 cottages and 5 camps for the perfect overnight lodging. It offers the perfect fishing experience, with northern pike, lake trout, landlocked salmon and speckled trout which are in abundance in this area. 


If hunting is more your thing, you can choose between bow hunting, firearm hunting or black powder rifle hunting. This exciting opportunity is accessible by seaplane so you can travel from our base on Lake Louise straight to the site to enjoy. 


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A trip to Lanaudière offers an endless amount of fun and activities that have a wide-ranging appeal, hence making it a great family getaway. This vast area spans all the way from just north of Montreal all the way to the Laurentian Mountains. Within this vast expanse of land are mountains, forests, lakes and rivers in great abundance


What is most unique and noticeable about this area is its smell. You do not have to worry about the normal dirt and mud smell that you might have experienced in other nature based getaways because the trees that populate this area leak maple sap which creates a sweet maple smelling aroma. 


You can make the most of this maple producing area by going to one of the many sugar shacks. If you don’t have a sweet tooth and are looking for more traditional nature getaway activities to enjoy, you can also go canoeing, rent a snowmobile or go mountain biking. 


Lac Holt


There are many Quebec nature attractions, but Lac Holt is at the top of the list, especially if you want to go fishing. The 70 kilometres squared area is truly stunning and a must visit spot in the region. Located on the North Shore of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, Lac Holt is accessible by plane


The plane journey itself is worth the trip as before you even reach your final destination, you have the chance to enjoy a 40-minute scenic ride over some of the most beautiful territories of the North Shore. 


The main attraction in Lac Holt is fishing. The waters are all connected by amazing waterfalls which attract an abundance of freshwater salmon and trout. What sets this particular area apart from others and what makes it one of the best nature getaways in Quebec is its ecological approach to fishing. Indeed, Lac Holt Outfitter limits the amount of fisherman and fishing allowed in the area to maintain a healthy fish population and preserve the landscape. 


Grands-Jardins National Park


The Grands-Jardins national park is both a nature lover and a science/history lover’s dream. Not only is there a vast variety of plants, fauna and flora to explore in the 310 kilometres squared UNESCO region, but there is also a specific feature within the park that was created some 360 million years ago. Inside the park itself is a 33-mile wide crater that was created by the impact of a meteorite all those years ago, which is quite a sight to behold. 


There are also all the usual attractions that you would expect to find in a national park or a nature getaway, meaning you can still do your canoeing or hiking if that is what you enjoy doing. However, you have the added wonder of this historic event, the repercussions of which can be witnessed 360 million years later. 



Les Marais du Nord 


Twenty minutes north of Quebec city lies Les Marais du Nord, which offers a far more relaxed nature getaway compared to some of the other places on this list. If you prefer a leisure stroll through the forest or a bird-watching excursion, this might just be the perfect place for you. 


Whilst nothing is too dangerous or difficult, the area does provide a beginner and an intermediate trail for hikers, allowing newcomers to safely enjoy themselves, whilst still offering a challenge to more avid hikers. 


This is also one of the best places for ornithology. Unlike other nature getaways which seem to heavily focus on fishing, this is the place to come if your focus and passion are birds. As you can imagine, this makes this a popular spot for photographers, as some brilliant shots can be taken if you’re patient and willing to put in the time. 

Getting there


Clearly, there is no shortage of nature-based getaways in Quebec. From weekend fishing or hunting vacation to a relaxed visit to a national park with the family, there is something for everyone and any occasion. 


However, some of Quebec’s natural landscapes are far easier to access than others. Whilst there are plenty of places that you can visit in Quebec on foot or by car, some of the best, more secluded and untouched areas require alternate transportation options. One of the most exciting and unique ways in which you can access these breathtaking landscapes is by  seaplane. 


Air Tunilik is the largest bush aviation company in Quebec. Apart from offering different packages to popular spots throughout Quebec, we are also happy to work with you so that you can book a seaplane ride to wherever you would like to go. 

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