The world’s most amazing seaplane tours

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There are many ways to see the world, and while some people are content to take a cruise ship, train, or go on vacation, there are others who prefer a different kind of trip. Seaplane tours have become increasingly popular in the last few years and have opened up new worlds for adventurous travelers.

You can fly above the clouds, over the mountains, and between the trees in a seaplane. Seaplane tours offer guests a flying experience unlike any other. During your seaplane tour, you’ll see things that you never thought possible and enjoy every moment of it. In this article, we go through the top 5 seaplane tours in the world!

What are the world’s most amazing seaplane tours?

The world is a beautiful place that should be explored from all its angles, and scenic seaplane flights are there to do just that. 

Here are the world’s most amazing seaplane tours:

  • Maldives, South Asia
  • Vancouver, Canada
  • Bergen, Norway
  • Bora Bora, Tahiti
  • Alaska, USA

Maldives, South Asia

The Maldives’ 26 circular coral atolls are home to over 1,000 islands, many of which are uninhabited. It’s no wonder then that the Maldives is home to the largest seaplane fleet in the world. Take a chartered flight over the azure waters and white beaches below to marvel at the site the atolls have to offer. You can even land on an uninhabited island and feel the unequal calm that reigns.

The Maldives are home to some of the most gorgeous corals anywhere in the world, with thousands of underwater species. Flying hundreds of feet above these unique coral structures, you’ll appreciate the wonders of nature like never before. With almost year-round sunshine conditions, anywhere you’ll turn your head you’ll find a postcard-worthy picture.

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Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver Island’s city of Victoria is known for its natural beauty. Still, it’s only one of the many iconic locations you can visit when you hop on a seaplane in Vancouver and explore the Pacific waters. The Vancouver panorama tour is one of the most popular tours offered by seaplanes in Vancouver. 

This tour takes you over beautiful Stanley Park and Downtown toward Mount Baker and the Gulf Islands. Just north of Stanley Park, there is the Phantom Lake, whose splendor can only be appreciated fully from a bird’s eye view. Although the name might sound scary, all that you will see is a sublime vista of Canada’s uncharted wilderness.

What are some must-see places along the flight path? You have to start with Victoria itself. It’s a beautiful city with lots of great shops and restaurants along its famed Inner Vancouver Harbour, and you’ll find plenty of great things to do.

Seaplane panoramic flights

Bergen, Norway

A seaplane journey through Norway’s majestic fjords will take anyone’s breath away. Exploring the sprawling archipelagos and seemingly never-ending waterways that make up the country’s northwest coastline, you will be flying over the waterways where Viking Drakkar used to roam free.

While Norway’s Fjord Coast is undoubtedly one of the world’s best destinations for an unforgettable adventure, seeing the pristine mountain ranges and sparkling waters from a seaplane is hard to beat. Cities are another highlight; these tours offer views of Bergen, Oslo, and Stavanger as they fly by.

Fortunately, tourists don’t have to imagine what it must be like to be so close to such natural magnificence: they can experience it first-hand with a Norwegian Fjord sightseeing seaplane tour. The flight gives travelers an aerial view of everything from the narrowest fjords to the open ocean.

Bora Bora, Tahiti

One of the world’s most amazing seaplane tours is Bora Bora because of how close you get to the water. You can watch the spray of the water as it comes up on the seaplane’s wing, or even feel it splashing against your face if you’re sitting in the front seat.

Bora Bora is a French Polynesian island in the South Pacific, and it’s one of the most desirable vacation spots globally and one of the least visited by tourists. The main town, Vaitape, is small and laid-back. You’ll find yourself walking down quiet, clean streets lined with thatched huts and brightly colored buildings.

The locals are friendly, too. They are known to greet tourists with a “bula,” which means “hello” in their native language. Bora Bora offers two different ways for people to explore its land: by boat or by plane. If you’re looking for an aquatic adventure, you can hop on a catamaran cruise and discover waterfalls and secret beaches around the island.

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Alaska, USA

A scenic seaplane flight is a must in Alaska, which boasts the most significant number of seaplane flights globally. You can go on a tour with a pilot or a guide; both offer great views and unique experiences that you won’t get by driving around. Scenic seaplane tours are the world’s most fantastic way to explore a region! Rather than spending hours on a boat, or on land, you can see an incredible amount of the place you’re visiting in just a few minutes by air.

These tours are popular in Alaska because they offer amazing views of glaciers and untouched nature. Given that Alaska has many seaplane companies due to its various remote regions, you can probably find a scenic flight package near your vacation location or a nearby airport. Because there’s less time for sightseeing tours when flying, choose wisely what you want to see. Your tour guide may help you decide which landmarks are the most exciting and worth seeing.

Scenic seaplane tours in Quebec

Just about any lake or river in Quebec can be explored by seaplane! The province is home to over 6,000 lakes and rivers, and most of them are accessible by airplane. There is no need to go too far to enjoy the beauty that Mother Nature has to offer.

Air Tunilik gives you the chance to enjoy a variety of seaplane tours in Quebec. We have you covered when it comes to seaplane flights across Quebec, from fishing and hunting trips to sightseeing excursions.

Sightseeing tours usually last between 30 minutes to 1h30 depending on the tour you select. 

Some charters can be more intimate, while others have many passengers per plane. Seaplanes can hold 5-7 passengers, depending on the type of aircraft. 

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