Do I need a hunting license in Quebec?

Hunting license Quebec

The conclusion of the winter season is a great time to start planning your hunting trip. Why not schedule a hunting weekend at this transitional period between seasons? This way you’ll have everything you need to organize your expedition and you’ll be able to take advantage of the opportunities that will inevitably come throughout the hunting season.

Is a hunting license required to hunt in Quebec?

To hunt in Quebec, you need to carry a hunting license that specifies what and when you’re permitted to hunt as well as a hunter’s certificate for the weapon you use. A license to shoot White-tailed deer, for example, does not allow you to hunt moose or small animals.

A hunter’s certificate for the sort of weapon you want to use, such as a bow, crossbow, or firearm such as a rifle or shotgun, is required to obtain a hunting license. You must complete a beginner’s hunting course and be 12 years old or older to receive the certificate. You must also complete a gun safety course before hunting with a firearm. The training is also required to obtain a license to purchase and possess a handgun.

Since 2018, the Service d’immatriculation des armes à feu (SAIF), Quebec’s firearm registration service, requires people to register their firearm. As soon as you get your hands on a firearm, you must register it. Even if you purchased the firearm prior to 2018, you must register it. Registering a firearm is free.

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Can you hunt in Canada without a license?

A hunting license is required for everyone who desires to hunt in Quebec. While hunting, hunters must carry their license. Those holding a family license are subject to further restrictions. If a wildlife officer requests it, you must show a valid hunting license. The license holder is required to sign his or her document. Any Canadian resident of Quebec with a valid hunting certificate is eligible for a resident hunting license.

Hares, eastern cottontails, leopard frogs, green frogs, and bullfrogs do not require a certificate to hunt. Anyone who wants to hunt migratory birds needs two licences: a migratory bird licence and a small game hunting license, both of which can be obtained at the post office.

Can a non-resident hunt in Quebec?

A hunting licence for non-resident hunters can be obtained by any non-resident who is at least 12 years old and lives outside of Quebec. The Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs (MFFP) offers a variety of family licences to meet the needs of the general population. 

Official licence dealers, such as sports stores, hardware stores, corner stores, and approved outfitters, sell hunting licenses. The MFFP’s website has information about the cost of a hunting licence as well as other topics.

When is hunting season in Quebec? 

What animals can you hunt in Canada without a license?

Rabbits, shrews, rats, skunks, and raccoons are examples of wildlife that can be hunted without a hunting permit. Some species, such as house sparrows, crows, magpies, common pigeons, and certain blackbirds, can be hunted without a licence.

The Wildlife Regulations of 1981 protect furbearing animals. Only a licensed trapper or a member of the First Nations community exercising Treaty rights may harvest these animals. However, in some parts of the province, there are exceptions. For example, beaver may be taken without a fur license in rural municipalities that have established a bylaw legalizing beaver hunting and have filed a copy of the bylaw with the Ministry of Natural Resources.

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Where are the best hunting spots in Quebec?

The province manages thirteen wildlife reserves and more than 40 ZECs, or Crown lands set aside for recreational purposes. Here are a few wonderful areas to go hunting throughout the province:

Ashuapmushuan Wildlife Reserve

The Ashuapmushuan Wildlife Reserve, located north of La Doré, is a popular hunting and fishing spot. Moose, deer, and bear can be caught here. Check the hunting regulations before going out because there are some restrictions on exclusive rights and activities in the reserve. On Lac Chigoubiche, there are two campgrounds, four rustic shelter camps, and seven cabins to choose from.

Laurentides Wildlife Reserve

This vast reserve, located between Quebec City and Saguaney-Lac-Saint-Jean, is popular with small game, moose, and bear hunters. The reserve, which is located in WMU 27, is divided into 70 hunting sectors, and moose hunting is quota-restricted, with most moose hunting licenses and packages being drawn at random. 

The Portes de l’Enfer Lodge package, on the other hand, includes more services and is not subject to the random draw. There are two campgrounds there, as well as over 100 cabins and a number of primitive shelters.

Mastigouche Wildlife Reserve

Mastigouche is a popular tourist destination due to its proximity to large urban centers and well-maintained highways and roads. Hunters come to this wildlife reserve for small game, moose, and deer shooting, as well as for spring bear hunting. Visitor accommodations include campgrounds, rustic sites scattered across the reserve, and cabins.

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How much is a hunting license in Canada?

Except for the Moose Zone Correction license and the License to hunt specific small game using a bird of prey and the replacement licence, the fees listed below include tax to the Fondation de la faune du Québec.

The following information is provided by the Quebec government website:

  • White-tailed deer (except Anticosti Island): $ 61.73 for residents, $ 331 for non-residents
  • Additional white-tailed deer (except Anticosti Island): $ 34.83 for residents, $162 for non-residents
  • Antlerless white-tailed deer (random draw): $ 61.73 for residents only
  • Additional antlerless white-tailed deer (random draw): $ 34.83 for residents only
  • White-tailed deer, zone 20 (Anticosti Island): $ 78.33 for residents and $ 423.77 for non-residents
  • Wild turkey, spring: $ 38.52 for residents and $ 185.98 for non-residents
  • Wild turkey, fall: $ 17.35 for residents and $ 63.12 for non-residents
  • Moose: $ 81.54 for residents and $ 540.35 for non-residents
  • Black Bear: $ 58.56 for residents and $ 208.76 for non-residents
  • Small Game (snare): $ 22.24 for residents only
  • Small Game (no snare): $ 103.51 for non-residents Only

Purchasing a License

Through the My Hunting and Fishing Account site, you can now purchase a license without a transportation coupon. Some outfitters, some ZECs, and wildlife reserves may also sell licences. 

Except to replace a license that has been lost, stolen, or rendered worthless, you cannot purchase the same license more than once. If you have been convicted of a wildlife offence in another province or territory of Canada for the period of time specified in this hunting prohibition, you will be unable to buy a license.

You must do the following when purchasing a hunting license:

  • If you are a Quebec resident, you must show your hunter’s certificate.
  • If you are a non-resident, you must be 12 years old or older.
  • Acquire your moose hunting licence before the deadline (only for moose hunting during a firearm season; this does not apply to a limited hunt in a wildlife reserve, a hunt on the exclusive territory of an outfitter, or a hunt in the Baillargeon ZEC).
  • Pay the fee.
  • To ensure the validity of the license, sign it on the back and make sure the person who granted it has also signed it on the front.

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Quebec is a world-famous hunting destination due to the abundance of wildlife and the remarkable features of its clear, pristine waters. Atlantic salmon, Arctic char, brook trout, and the huge lake trout are among the popular fish species. You’re in for a burst of adrenaline!

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All of our seaplane bases in the province, including Natashquan, Havre St-Pierre, Manic 5, Caniapiscau, and Sept-Îles, provide scenic flight services. If you’re interested in booking a seaplane excursion or organizing a hunting or fishing trip in a remote location, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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