Take a seaplane trip to the best outfitters

Take a seaplane trip

Quebec’s outfitters are well known for their splendor. With the pace of life getting faster, it’s nice to get away from the city and explore nature from time to time to breathe fresh air. However, some rare gems of Quebec’s flora and fauna require a seaplane flight to reach them. It goes without saying that a hunting or fishing trip by seaplane is an unforgettable adventure.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Quebecers took pleasure in rediscovering Quebec’s wildlife reserves and the more than 600 outfitters on its territory. The beautiful province could well have been called the great province, because it offers endless stretches of water, forests, and mountains. This article gives you 7 ideas for hunting and fishing trips that require a seaplane adventure.

Discover Quebec

Seaplane adventure in Quebec

A seaplane adventure in Quebec offers breathtaking scenery far from the torrents of civilization. The price of the flight is fixed according to the amount of land miles flown.

Hunting and fishing trip enthusiasts can rejoice in Quebec, since lakes and rivers account for 25% of the province’s territory, while forests cover more than 50%. This ensures a quiet and sensational experience to all those who are willing to venture into the remote outfitters of Quebec. These hidden treasures that are only accessible by seaplane flight will provide you with great memories!

Quebec outfitters accessible only by seaplane 

The best outfitters accessible only by seaplane in Quebec are:

  1. St-Cyr Royal Outfitter;
  2. Club Lac Victor;
  3. Jesmer and Tiberiade Outfitters;
  4. East Bay;
  5. Sauterelle Outfitter;
  6. Club de pêche du Lac la Justone;
  7. Lake Lucie Outfitter;

1. St-Cyr Royal Outfitters

This beautiful log lodge can accommodate up to 14 people in its warm fireplace and includes a 300 km² exclusive right territory dedicated to hunting and fishing. 117 km east of the town of Lebel-sur-Quévillon, you will find yourself in a peaceful environment where nature is abundant.

This location is ideal for a fishing trip for northern pike and walleye. This site is also favorable for a moose, black bear or ruffed grouse hunting trip. If you wish to discover Abitibi-Témiscamingue from a completely different angle, a seaplane flight allows you to do so.

2. Club Lac Victor

Experience a stay in one of the most beautiful and preserved areas of Quebec. Travelers in search of peace of mind and a change of scenery will enjoy a magnificent experience and an unforgettable adventure. 

This territory of 251.5 km² of incomparable exclusive rights for its hunting and fishing is located in Natashquan within ancestral and native cultures. It is ideal for a fishing trip targeting: red trout, northern pike, lake trout, landlocked salmon and native trout as well as a hunting trip for: moose, bear, ruffed grouse and duck.

3. Jesmer and Tiberias Outfitters

Jesmer has an exclusive territory of 200 km², divided into 16 sub-territories suitable for fishing for native speckled trout, northern pike and moose hunting, which are found in large numbers. This territory of great wildlife diversity provides strong sensations to those who visit it. A network of trails gives access to several lakes where boats are available.

Tiberias is a 98 km² exclusive right territory divided from north to south by the Nemikachi River, where the elevation varies from 1400 ft. to 1800 ft. It is also full of trails giving access to adjacent lakes with watercraft. Perfect for moose hunting trips, walleye and pike fishing.

4. East Bay

This outfitter is located in the magnificent Gouin reservoir in the Mauricie region. The multiple islands in the eastern bay are a perfect spot for walleye and northern pike fishing. If you are looking for moose, you will also be delighted. 

5. Sauterelle Outfitter

With its 60 km² of exclusive hunting and fishing rights, the Sauterelle Outfitter is also only accessible by seaplane. Speckled trout fishing and moose hunting are the main attractions for outdoor enthusiasts. Walleye and brook trout are also found here. This is another outfitter from the Mauricie region.

6. Justone Lake Fishing Club

In the North Shore region, this outfitter is ideal for a fishing trip for: pike, native brook trout, landlocked salmon and lake trout. In winter, you can snowshoe and dog sled. There is even a sauna and the possibility of booking a guided snowmobile excursion!

7. Lac Lucie Outfitter

60 km northwest of Matagami and more than 1000 km from Montreal, Lac Lucie Outfitter is a prime destination for a seaplane fishing trip. Yellow perch, pike and walleye are the fish that can be found in the waters of this Northern Quebec outfitter. Lac Lucie Outfitter is 45 km² of exclusive rights dedicated to fishing in the magnificent scenery of Northern Quebec.

Seaplane transportation services

A stay in the nature of Quebec that begins with a seaplane flight is quite an adventure. That’s why your seaplane transportation service is handled by experienced pilots. If you want to explore the great outdoors, Air Tunilik can take you under its wing.

Air Tunilik works with dozens of outfitters throughout Quebec to simplify the logistics of transportation. Our services are available for outfitters and private clients to transport passengers or materials. Air Tunilik is a proud partner of the following outfitters:

An affordable hunting trip or fishing trip can be orchestrated with Air Tunilik! 

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